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123Milhas is one of the cheapest and most functional travel sites for miles. In it, you can pay using your miles on trips and for very attractive prices. Check out our tips and recommendations, how to make a purchase and how to spend less when planning.


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Guarantee incredible values and check out the main benefits of 123Milhas:

Tickets from R$179
Discounts on domestic and international flights
Travel safe and confident
Accumulate points and fly for free with the 123 Fidelidade program

You will remain in the same website

On the 123 miles website, tourists can find various deals on airline tickets and other travel services at prices below those of competitors. Check out our article for more details.

After completing the purchase, within 20 days, you will receive a confirmation email, with a form to fill in passenger data. Then, up to ten days before departure, 123milhas will send all the documentation. So, just pack your luggage and travel.

123Milhas issues tickets with miles with the best known airlines in Brazil. On our website you can take off with airfare Gol, Tam, Azul Linhas Aéreas and Avianca. Boarding tickets are exactly the same as those issued by point programs.

It's very easy to find and we at 100Tech have linked content with all the information for you to travel with the best discounts.

123Milhas has several partnerships for you to stay. Check out our content and find the best discounts for your stay.

Yes, there is, and we have brought in our content everything you need to know to buy your airline ticket with the best discounts.

Yes. See in our content all the information about the site and guarantee the best discounts to buy your tickets with 123Milhas.

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