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McDonald's jobs have above-average salaries, paid time off and opportunities for growth!

Have you ever imagined yourself working at one of the largest fast-food chains in the world? Applying for a job at McDonald's is not just sending a resume and waiting to be called.

It’s being part of one of the biggest powers in the food industry. So, with more than 38,000 service points around the world, there is no shortage of jobs! 




Opportunity Curriculum

Start working even without experience!

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Furthermore, job opportunities are diverse. There are vacancies in the most different types of sectors, from internal to open positions for human resources, marketing and administration.

Even external vacancies, such as customer service, delivery and general services. Therefore, together we will explore the company's entire selection process, preparing you for your next interview at McDonald's.

Discover the work culture at McDonald's!

McDonald's is known for many reasons beyond the golden arches and the famous Big Mac. 

Its recognition has also been consolidated as one of the companies that offered the most jobs in recent years. Especially when we talk about first job openings.

In this way, when we delve into the essence of McDonald's we can see a brand recognized around the world, whose unique culture forms the basis of its operations.

Thus, the company employs values such as an inclusive work environment, teamwork and collaboration, in addition to its commitment to consistency and quality of processes.

Discover a job opening at McDonald's for you!

At McDonald's, there are several job options. In other words, it is possible to discover roles ranging from corporate positions to unique opportunities for students.

Assistant Manager

Firstly, we have the Assistant Manager position, which plays a key role in supporting the effective management of the restaurant. 

Therefore, you will work closely with the General Manager to ensure that restaurant operations are running smoothly. 

Part-time cashier or cook

Whether as a cashier or part-time cook, your role is essential to ensuring a positive experience for customers. 

As a cashier, you will be responsible for processing orders, handling payments and providing friendly, efficient service. 

So, as a part-time cook, you will prepare food following company standards, maintaining product quality and consistency. 

However, both roles require communication skills, teamwork and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

Shift manager

When you become a Shift Manager, you will lead the team during the designated period.

Your responsibilities include ensuring that all restaurant operations are run efficiently and in accordance with company standards. 

Human Resources

As part of the Human Resources department, you will be responsible for recruiting, training and maintaining a talented and dedicated team. 

Therefore, your responsibilities may include screening candidates, conducting interviews, developing policies and procedures, among others.

Marketing manager

Finally, McDonald's also offers a Marketing Manager job opening. Therefore, you will be responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies and then promoting the brand. 

Benefits of working at McDonald's: growth opportunities and free training!

Check out the benefits that a job at McDonald's can offer you:

  • Flexible schedule: McDonald's work schedule that fits your life;
  • Free meals and discounts: discounts at restaurants and free snacks during working hours;
  • Paid absence time: paid time off to enjoy work-life balance;
  • Employee Rewards: Rewards inside and outside the restaurants for you to enjoy;
  • Tuition Assistance: Financial aid for higher-level tuition fees of up to US$3,000 per year;
  • World-Class Training: Training to help develop your skills and career.

In addition to these benefits, McDonald's also helps employees by providing a free diploma to develop professionally.

But to be able to be part of the program, employees need to have the Archways to Opportunity Educational Assistance Award with the CTU Commitment Grant.

This way, the company covers 100% of the monthly fees for its associates or bachelor's degrees at Colorado Technical University!

How do I apply for a job at McDonald's? 

Submitting your application to work with McDonald's is the simplest step in your hiring journey! Start by accessing the company's official opportunities portal to see open positions.

Then select the one that best fits your profile and apply for the vacancy to register. Therefore, the entire process is online, which makes it simpler to apply when registering your CV.




Opportunity Curriculum

Start working even without experience!

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However, if you want to have more confidence when applying, you can check out a complete guide to participating in the McDonald's selection process.

Therefore, to have all the information you need to start your professional journey today, just access the link below!

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How do I apply for a job at McDonald's?

Explore the path to a successful career at McDonald's. Our simple guide shows you how to apply for job opportunities and stand out in the interview!

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